A-MAY-ZING: Two HUGE Upcoming FREE Webinars Will But the Zing in Your May– PLUS That Special Thing You’ve Heard Whispers About

2023 has been an absolute race horse from a legal perspective and–no surprise–May is off to a BLISTERING start as well.

The HUGE news that Florida has acted to amend the FTSA and stuff the genie deeply into the bottle is really shaking things up. All that is solid melts into air and everything we thought we knew about state-level Mini TCPA enactments has now been called into question.

Well the GREAT team over at Contact center Compliance (dnc.com) is teaming up with us for an absolutely critical webinar looking at the effect of the new amendment and what it means to YOU–in Florida and elsewhere!

Webinar is next Wednesday May 10 2023 at 10 am pacific.

And per usual-it is ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Next, on May 25, 2023 the TCPAWorld team will connect with the incredible folks at ActiveProspect (makers of the incredible TrustedForm TCPA-protection product) for a can’t miss webinar entitled “THE LAST OF US.”

We will break down the critical things you need to know RIGHT NOW about lead generation, outbound calling and the TCPA.

And, again, totally free!

(I don’t have a registration link for this one handy just yet but shoot me an email and I will get it to you.)

How cool is that?

Last but not least–and this is the REALLY big news-Troutman Amin, LLP will be hosting its first ever CONFERENCE on July 13, 2023. 

Yeah..its awesome news.

We will have 7 hours of content–CLE will be available!–covering TCPA, mini-TCPA, state-level consumer privacy laws, CIPA (of course), and the legal ramifications of AI!

Basically all the most important issues YOU need to know about RIGHT NOW to keep your company safe! Deliver by the incredible lawyers at Troutman Amin, LLP who know this stuff inside and out.


That’s right. ZERO cost to attend. Well, I mean other than your travel and hotel and all. But there is no admission cost. 😉

How amazing is that?

To register reach out to myself or Kiera kiera@troutmanamin.com

One catch–if you request a ticket you HAVE to come. Attendance is LIMITED. So no stealing seats from other people who would otherwise have been able to make it and then not showing up. A free show requires commitment! 🙂

Plus attendees will have a chance to tour the cool new Troutman Amin, LLP office space AND attend a totally free (and awesome) networking event at one of the best hotspots in Orange County.

You will not want to miss it!


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