“The Last of Us” is all Men, but You Should Watch Anyway–and One other Awesome Webinar

look at all those guys…

So last week we had that incredible FTSA discussion with CCC, but Troutman Amin, LLP’s A-MAY-Zing continues this week with another cant-miss webinar.

On Wednesday May 17, 2023 at 11 am pacific, I will be joining the awesome crew over at Everquote–great folks and great client– to help insurance agents understand the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act).

If you don’t understand the statute, how can you comply with it? You most certainly cannot!

So we’ll be helping folks spot check their business operations–for free!– so they can STAY IN BUSINESS in this really tough regulatory environment. Its called – “Protecting Your Agency: TCPA Compliance 101 for Insurance Agents“– and I am super excited to be helping folks out on this!

Register–for free!–here. 

You’re welcome! 🙂

Then, on Thursday May 25, 2023 at 11 am pacific I will be joining ActiveProspect, LeadHustle and QuoteVelocity–are there no spaces between words anymore?–for the “Last of Us–a TCPA survival Guide for the Entire Lead Ecosystem

This is just going to be an absolutely huge webinar folks. We will be discussing the massive FCC NPRM–reply comments due June 6, 2023–and the post-NPRM world (hence the title.)

One thing I have to keep pointing out is that there are no ladies on this panel–which I hate. I promised 6 years ago to never do a panel without at least one woman on it and I have kept that promise with only one other exception. So I do apologize for this mishap and I will keep addressing the issue every time I promote the event so that no one thinks I don’t care. I totally do care. (Totally.)

BUT this is still going to be an outstanding webinar and you really should attend this thing. It will probably be my last chance to connect with everyone ahead of the big reply comment deadline so you will not want to miss it!

Register–for free!–here 



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