TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: Troutman Amin, LLP’s Big Summer Marketing Law Conference is SOLD OUT Before I Even Really Promoted it.. hahahaha (And other stuff)

So I never really even had the chance to formally announce the BIG summer compliance conference Troutman Amin, LLP is putting on and the dang thing is already SOLD OUT.

Then again it is pretty easy to “sell out” a FREE in-person event. Hahahah.

But I mean look at this schedule!!!! How could you NOT want to attend:

9:00—Registration Begins

9:15—OPENING REMARKS from Queenie and the Czar

9:30—TCPAWORLD ON FIRE: Everything You Need to Know About the TCPA Right Now!


11:15—12:00—STATE LAW MINI-TCPA REVIEW: Florida, Oklahoma, California, Maryland, Washington… To Name a Few;

12:00-1:00—FREE LUNCH for Attendees 😊

1:00-1:45— EMERGING STATE PRIVACY LAWS: So Many States Have New Privacy Laws—Here is Your Roadmap!;

1:45-2:15—HOT CIPA SUMMER: The California Invasion of Privacy Act is Now THE Most Dangerous Statute on the Books—How to Protect Yourself

2:15-2:45—COMPLIANCE WITH QUEENIE: Powerful Marketing Attorney Puja J. Amin Gives the In-House View of Marketing Law Compliance;


3:00-3:30—CARRIER CHAOS: Let’s Discuss Deliverability Issues and What Can Be Done with the Out of Control Blocking/Labelling Out There

3:30—4:00—A.I. IN THE AFTERNOON: The Rise of the Machines has Lead to an Entirely New Area of Law—Emerging Trends




How great is that lineup??? Privacy, TCPA, AI, CIPA, deliverability issues and practical compliance advice—all in one day from the team that knows this stuff the best.

In truth we have held back a VERY small number of seats for CLIENTS of the firm that might want to attend. So all hope is not lost if you are a Troutman Amin, LLP client and want in. Obviously we’ll make it happen.

Yep, you REALLY need to hear the Duchess breakdown state privacy laws

Otherwise we are considering opening up a VIRTUAL attendance option—but that will cost $249.00 (and be nowhere near as fun.) We are still weighing whether it is worth the cost to do the virtual option—so if you’re interested in paying to watch us perform from afar please let us know and we will decide whether or not to do it.

Attendees will even get a FREE lunch and AWESOME happy hour with the team thanks to our TREMENDOUS sponsors– Safe Select and Call Tools (still seeking sponsors if anyone else wants in.)

Unrelated, here is a picture of the Dame on the floor of her new office.

The black bouquet is sooooo Tori….

We just moved into our new office this week. We have NO furniture yet. We are all working on the floor or off of folding chairs. It is amazing. But it is also a TON of fun.

Hopefully we will be able to afford furniture ahead of the big open house/conference–did I mention attendees get to check out our new home?

We’ll see.

By the way–TONS of traffic and engagement this week. Appreciate all of you being on the ride with me. And GREAT webinar with Everquote today. Really special. Will have on YouTube channel soon.

One last thing… autodialers are CONTRABAND in Nebraska subject to IMMEDIATE SEIZUIRE:


Seizure of automatic dialing-announcing devices; when; destruction; liability.

The commission, its agents or employees, or any peace officer of this state at the direction of the commission may, at any place in the state, seize without a warrant any automatic dialing-announcing device the operation of which does not conform in all respects to requirements imposed by subdivisions (1) and (2) of section 86-244 or any rules or regulations. The seized device shall constitute contraband. The commission may, upon satisfactory proof, direct return of a seized device when the evidence establishes the owner did not willfully or intentionally fail to comply with the applicable law, rules, or regulations. The commission may, upon finding that the owner of a seized device has willfully or intentionally failed to comply with the applicable law, rules, or regulations, confiscate the device. Any device so confiscated may be destroyed. Destruction of a device shall not occur before all statutory appeal periods available to the owner have been exhausted. The seizure and destruction of an automatic dialing-announcing device shall not relieve any person from a fine, imprisonment, or other penalty for violation of the applicable law, rules, or regulations. The commission, its agents and employees, or any peace officer of this state shall not be liable for negligence for the seizure, confiscation, or destruction of any contraband pursuant to this section

File that under “weird state laws.” Kind of funny though.

Chat soon friends.


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