ANOTHER WRONG NUMBER TCPA SETTLEMENT: Ceteris Portfolio Services, LLC TO Pay $761,850.00 for Calling 8,465 Wrong Numbers

Headline says it all.

TCPA defendant called 8,645 wrong numbers. Pays three quarters of a million dollars to resolve. Not a bad settlement either way. Definitely in market range here.

The guy who brought the case–John Fralish–is scheduled to make $5,000.00. Class members that make a claim will probably get a couple hundred bucks each (not terrible.)

Plaintiff’s counsel–Mr. Number One–will probably walk with $250k or so once final approval granted.

So the TCPAWorld turns.

TCPA wrong number cases continue to be among the most dangerous suits out there.

Case is Fralish v. Ceteris, 3:22-CV-176 DRL-MGG, 2023 WL 3579139 (N.D. Ind. May 19 2023).

Will keep an eye on it.



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