TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: the lion and the mouse…

so the team went to the California Mortgage Bankers’ Association’s Mortgage Innovator’s conference this week because–let’s face it–nobody innovates in the legal profession except the Czar…

for instance, what law firm has a light up lollipop tick thing with their logo on it? just mine.

And oddly, that’s not even much of an overstatement. that’s how bad the legal profession is at innovation. i may literally be the best legal innovator on the planet. 

Anyway, this post isn’t about that it is about the fun time we had at the MBA event.

And it was fun.

We learned a ton and met some really great folks.

And we introduced our newest team member Zeina– she really lightened things up.


Zeina and Puja got along fantastically, which is very important because… well Puja is in charge of everything around here.

But after the event ended… well we went on a walk over to a place called Disneyland.

Now I am by no means a fan of the City of Dis (yes, that’s a Dante reference) but for my team I will do just about anything– since I expect the same out of them.

And so it was that the Czar dropped his grumpy persona to enjoy a fun time at the ole theme park…

And it was funner than I would care to admit–especially the TEACUPS!!!

umm… and now you know everything about us.

it is odd because we determined the English language actually lacks the proper word to describe what we are.

why isnt there a word for a “super cohesive incredibly high-performing ultra-dedicated group of people hyper-focused on the same objective”???  calling us a “team” is woefully inadequate. “cult” is closer, but definitely not the right meaning. so odd there isn’t a word for that.

maybe we’ll become the new word–a “Troutman Amin.”

When a group of people really work hard together and deliver a great result people will say “you’re a regular Troutman Amin….”


anyway goodnight tcpaworld.


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