TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: couple of things…

SO, first there has been a bit of confusion and people trying to BUY their way into the big Troutman Amin, LLP marketing law conference coming up on July 13, 2023.

Nope. Sorry. These tix are not for sale. Those who have them have them. Those who do not, do not.

But you can still get VIRTUAL tickets–not sure why people thought those are sold out, they are not (yet)–for just $249.00. Get them while they’re hot.

Click here to buy tickets to the virtual option!

Unrelated, this is the best YouTube clip I have ever seen in my entire life:

I mean, that’s a much watch if you ask me.

also, anyone headed to Customer Contact Week?

Looks like Baroness, Queenie and I will ride again. Let’s connect if you’re headed out there–especially if you’re a long time reader that’s never had the guts to say hi yet.

I promise we are SUPER friendly and easy to get along with. Even though we’re, you know, world-class attorneys or whatever. Would love to chat.

Also don’t forget about this… you might just want to send me your addresses now to get on the list.

True story–saw my brother over the weekend and he asked me “what are you building now, a rocket ship? First lawyer in space?”

hahahaa. nope. even better.

you’ll see.


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