TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: a moment of gratitude…

Just a remarkable run of success we have enjoyed here at Troutman Amin, LLP–even though a bunch of folks are mispronouncing the firm’s name hahahaha–and I was reflecting with the Baroness and Queenie while we were at CCW this last week just how incredibly BLESSED we really are.

Baroness, Queenie and I at CCW–check out Puja’s shoes!!!!

So so so incredibly grateful to all of our clients and supporters. So meaningful. Literally we would be NOWHERE without you.

But it was a nice conversation because I was saying how perfect my life is and how I feel like I receive so much and Queenie was so kind and gracious to point out–in her words:

“You give so much more than you take.”

And that really really meant something to me.

And I hope it is true. I hope when all is said and done and I’ve moved on in whatever fashion the universe has ordained for me that folks will look back and say “that guy gave a lot.”

Because I do try my best. Every day. And give all I have. Every day. And I expect that of everyone around me.

And I’d like to think that’s why we have so many incredibly wonderful clients. 🙂

And OMG this list of attendees for our conference is CRAZY. Apparently every major brand in the nation is planning on attending virtually hahahahaha. I’m a classy guy and I don’t name names but some of these sign ups are just ridiculous–in a very good way, of course. And the in person list is absolutely superb as well.

My sponsors are getting a really good deal–speaking of whom–grateful for each of you as well:

But this post isn’t about any of this.

Its not about the incredible new office space.

Its not about the SOLD OUT conference we’re throwing.

Or the incredible Troutman Amin, LLP SWAG we have up for sale…

Its about THREE NEW initiatives that are about to launch in the next three weeks.

One of them I have been teasing pretty heavily hits on July 1, 2023 and I think some of you have figured it out. But not telling just yet.

Then on July 3, 2023 we will have MORE incredibly huge news… not going to give too much away here but let me just say…


And then on July 10, 2023 more ENORMOUS news that I can’t talk about just yet but…

Just a little hint… 

Its just incredible how many fires we have in the oven right now.

And somehow there is even more on the way for August and September!!! But we need to focus on the feast in front of us for now.

Before all of this starts falling into place though I just wanted to pause ahead of the blitz and THANK ALL OF YOU.

No matter where we go or how we build and grow we will remain 100% committed to our clients. That was my pledge when I left #biglaw and I am happy to say we pay off that promise day in and day out around here. We really do go above and beyond for our clients because we LOVE them in ways that transcend dollar signs and I know they feel it and see it.

TCPAWorld is such a remarkable place. It is fraught with such peril and strife and yet the folks who reside here are so caring and kind and thoughtful and appreciative and endlessly committed to one another. It really is remarkable. And I am grateful, now and always, to be your humble caretaker and Czar. Thank you again for everything.

Chat soon.




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