JUST ONE WEEK TO THE BIG SHOW!!!!: Sold Out “Law Conference of Champions” Still Has Virtual Seats Left

So when I dreamed up the idea of having a conference at our new office as an opportunity to have a little house warming and show appreciation to all of our clients and friends for all of their support I had no idea how BIG this thing was going to get.

You chance to hang out with the funnest legal team in America…

Ignore the fact that we SOLD OUT in literally 24 hours– like what are we a rock band or something?

Ignore the fact that I literally had to turn sponsors away because I wanted to keep the number of partners here to a minimum.

Rockstars of the law…

We have attendees from 20 states and Canada coming to this thing either in person or virtually. We have a ton of major (Fortune 500)  brands attending–and now AmLaw 100 law firms are apparently sending folks to attend. Hahaha. Unreal.

No wonder kids on social media are calling this the “Law Conference of Champions”!

You can even meet the new Viceroy from our New Oreleans office!!!

We are just calling it the Troutman Amin, LLP Summer Marketing/Advertising Law Conference. And everybody will be there!

Always a party

But the truth is I really shouldnt be surprised. NOBODY has put together an agenda like this before. Everything you need to know on:

  1. TCPA–The Czar
  2. Mini-TCPA– Duchess and Queenie
  3. State Privacy Acts–Countess and Queenie
  4. CIPA–Baroness
  5. AI–Dame
  6. Compliance tips from Queenie

All in one day and all from REAL masterminds on the topics. This literally hasn’t been done before. No wonder everyone wants in.

These two are the GREATEST OF ALL TIME

I know there are a bunch of people out there who will say “wait, I didn’t hear about this can I come in person?” the answer is a polite but VERY firm  “no.” Please do not take it personally. I promise the room is going to be very full– literally standing room only guys–and the virtual experience will probably be better anyway. (Of course the networking opportunities at the conference will be absolutely bar none.)

So many good people will be there…

Oh and rooftop happy hour afterward… yeah. That will be fun.

And what outfits will we wear?

But you CAN still attend the virtual option–which I promise will be awesome, with a three camera set up and a lot of fun built in–but you better register quick. I am going to cut it off at 990 virtual attendees because I dont want to make sure the system doesn’t break. So hustle and sign up.

Again this thing is next Thursday July 13, 2023 LIVE and VIRTUAL ONLY. 

Register Now

Oh, and unlike most of the content we generate these sessions will NOT be available on YouTube afterward and you will NOT get a copy of the slide decks if you don’t attend. 🙂

Sorry, not sorry.

Ok, maybe a little bit sorry. You know the Czar is a big softy. But I have to be tough on this.

Be there, or be square!!!

We can’t wait to see you!


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