NOT SO WISE: The FCC Swoops Up Yet Another Carrier, One Owl Telecom!

Well, the saga continues. Earlier this year, the Czar reported on the FCC taking One Eye out.

This time, in an ongoing battle against the scourge of robocalls, the FCC’s Robocall Response Team, honed in on the not so wise One Owl Telecom and issued a notice to telephone providers urging them to block all traffic from One Owl Telecom immediately.

One Owl Telecom is no stranger to the FCC’s attention, with previous actions taken against its affiliates — Illum Telecommunications and One Eye. Both Illum and One Eye — One Owl’s apparent predecessors have received cease and desist letters for transmitting illegal robocalls and a formal order was issued demanding that  other carriers immediately stop doing business with Illum and One Eye .

Despite attempts to change its company name and shuffle executives, the company’s apparent involvement in illegal robocalls traffic continued.

(Recall, previously the FCC determined One Eye was created by the renowned Prince Anand following the FCC’s enforcement efforts directed at Anand’s previous (scam?) company Illum for transmitting suspected illegal calls.)

The robocalls in question did not have consent from recipients and operated under the pretense of fictitious purchase orders. Some of the robocalls claimed to be from a phony entity, “AMC Trading, LLC” falsely informing consumers that their products were ready for shipping. The robocall recipients were asked to confirm the orders without any clarity on the details or origin of the order. Other robocalls mentioned a mysterious “pre-authorized order” linked to the call recipients’ names without specifying any further information.

The FCC’s Chairwoman, Jessica Rosenworcel, emphasized the agency’s commitment to protecting consumers from the scourge of unwanted robocalls. The FCC aims to cut off these scams at the source and plans to employ all available tools to achieve this goal. Despite robocallers’ attempts to evade detection, the FCC will continue its relentless pursuit until these pesky calls are eradicated from the networks.

As a result – The Enforcement Bureau issued a “K4 Notice” to inform U.S.-based voice service providers about the significant amount of apparently unlawful robocalls linked to One Owl Telecom.

Additionally, the bureau issued a cease-and-desist letter to One Owl, demanding immediate action to halt the transmission of illegal robocalls.

The company must investigate, mitigate, and prevent a reoccurrence of the traffic outlined in the letter. One Owl has been given a 48-hour window to inform the Bureau and the Traceback Consortium of its mitigation steps and 14 days to outline measures to prevent future abuse of its network for transmitting illegal robocalls.

Of course — we’ll keep an owl eye on this as the FCC continues its unyielding efforts to combat illegal robocalls.

In the meantime, keep in mind the Czar’s takeaways:

  1. Don’t carry scam traffic;
  2. If you do carry scam traffic–stop;
  3. If you receive an IDO, respond to it (probably with the help of counsel);
  4. Do not accept any traffic from One Eye;
  5. Follow closely for important information that will keep you in business.


  1. It is so wonderful watching the FCC and the FTC taking some serious action against scumbag telemarketers. Perhaps soon we will see some of Troutman’s clients make the FCC’s front page?!?!

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