HERE IT IS!!!!: Episode 14 of Deserve to Win–with the Godfather Abbas Kazerounian IN STUDIO–Drops RIGHT NOW!

Well folks I know it has been a few weeks since we recorded this one but we had so much going on in July–and then the whole changing the firm name thing ;)–so we held this one back for a bit.

But the world changes NOW– thanks to Episode 14 of Deserve to Win. 

Abbas Kazerounian

Abbas Kazerounian is one of the most creative and  talented lawyers in the TCPAWorld. He is known as the “Godfather” of TCPA class litigation because he was one of the architects of the fist TCPA cases back in 2006-2008 and cashed in early on the first wave of massive TCPA settlements.

Parlaying those early gains, he has built a monster litigation shop with 25 lawyers pushing “consumer protection” litigation under a host of strategies and has proven to be one of the most sophisticated and talented class litigators on the planet. Abbas’ shop can hit against anybody and he is never outgunned. Incredibly talented lawyers work for him across the country.

Abbas Queenie and I…

But what Abbas is best known for is creative thinking. Like the Czar, Abbas can outmaneuver and outflank litigation opponents seemingly at will and he is always developing new strategies and tactics and pushing the bounds of the law. Very dangerous opponent.

The interview.. 

Despite the many bloody battles we have waged, the Godfather and the Czar legitimately enjoy talking with one another when they can put down their swords for a bit, and that was exactly what happened in this amazing podcast interview. Tune in to find out:

  • How Abbas got started working out of a Seattle’s Best Coffee and signing up clients on napkins;
  • How he sees the future of TCPA litigation;
  • Why he LOVES CIPA cases–and particular CIPA cell phone cases;
  • His views on Cryo therapy and ice baths; and
  • His views on how AI will disrupt the legal industry.

Incredibly fascinating stuff.

Before we get there though the team–and yes, you get to meet the Viceroy!–breaks down all the big new TCPAWorld developments including:

And unlike basically EVERY other law firm, you get to hear from the team and not just from the partners here. Great opportunity to get to know the incredible TALENT here at Troutman Amin, LLP and see everyone in action!

Catch it all right here right now:

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