TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK: couple of gripes…

Fair warning, the Czar is in a bad mood…

grumpy Czar and all that.

Indeed, welcome to rantsville folks.

Honestly it has been a tough week for me. First, I watched the darkest movie ever

And then my week got so much worse.

So let me try to explain this.

You know how John Wick had his pupppy?

Well the Czar had college football. That’s about all I have of a personal life. Everything else is work and kids. Literally. You don’t need to know too much about me but one of my super powers is that I have very very little else to worry about outside of… well, work and kids.

But I had college football. Honestly the one thing that was sort of “mine.” I could watch a game or two a weekend and it was stolen time. Time just for the Czar to step outside of the world and watch some college kids lay it all on the line. And I loved it.

And what I loved most was rooting for the PAc 12.

This was literally perfect for me. This underrated conference, constantly overlooked nationally. Every season I would chuckle as the pundits, pollsters and laughably bad “committee” mistreated the Pac 12 and I would quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) cash in…

It was yet another way in which the Czar was annoyingly right all the time. Like that time I called the bottom of Meta and the stock tripled in under a year. Or like all those times I was right about all those other things…

I dont even have the energy to link back to all of those other things because I am so down about the pac12 right now.

You know how republicans continue to hold onto this whole “trump won” thing because they just HAVE to be right, because they REALLY need it…

I was that pathologically blinded by my love for this pac12 conference.

And now it is entirely all gone and taken from me…

The pac12 is dead, and it is greed and disloyalty that killed it.

And can we just pause and ask ourselves–WHO was it? Who was the woman–or almost certainly–man who made these decisions?

Who was it at each of these schools–yes, you Oregon, Washington. Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado and Utah–TURNCOATS each? Who decided that MONEY meant more than honor and integrity and tradition? And the desire of the VAST majority of your students and alums NONE of whom wanted this?

Ironically, I posted this on linked in the day before the pac12 was destroyed:

These little disloyal plans people hatch never seem to work out, do they?

And I get it. These turncoat schools will cash in, perhaps, in the short term. Oh I am sure UCLA will win the national championship the 2024 season and likely Utah the following year. Teams that would have been denied so much as a playoff berth before will now glide to national prominence.

But that isn’t a victory. Its a loss.

All that will prove is that the the pac12 was–and for many years–has been the superior conference. But so what? Its gone now. So all you proved was that the thing that no longer exists is superior to the thing that does exist.

My god, its Barbie movie all over again.

And just like Barbie, this choice simply makes no sense– these schools have gained nothing by their choice. And their brands are tarnished to dust.

Sure this was foreseeable from the LALA land schools–what else would we expect from the University of Spoiled Children and Cal’s little brother? Antics and attention seeking behavior.

“We want more eyes on us.”


So UCLA and USC just LAUGHABLY aligned with schools like Nebraska and Iowa just to get a few more TV viewers. Great job guys.  Really thoughtful.

But the rest of the pac12 should have chuckled and sighed– forgiving beyond clenched teeth and moved on to greater glory.

Instead most members elected to…. what? Do even worse?

The Arizona schools? Now on par with TCU and UCF.

What. A. Joke.

On the plus side, I am proud of the LOYALTY and INTEGRITY my alma mater U.C. Berkeley–Cal–showed here. They stayed true to the bitter end–because they were SMART enough to know better.

The two BEST schools in the Pac12–objective fact–knew it was better to let the world crumble around them then to damage their brand by aligning with lesser institutions. They may actually join the Ivy League, and I think that’d be a strong move on their part.

Plus they demonstrated integrity. Loyalty. And the wisdom to avoid the trap of trading long term success for fleeting seeking short term gain.

Much respect. Much love. You were always the class of the pac12 and you always will be.

And I know I just pissed off about half the country. Good. Welcome to grumpy czarsville. Population me and every other true college football fan right now.

And I am absolutely NOT watching any college football this year….

Until labor day.

goodnight tcpaworld.


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