Real Quick: Let’s Help Some People Get Back on Their Feet

So real quick, I know many of you are hearing about the insane fires out in Hawaii  and wondering what you can do to help.

I don’t usually use TCPAWorld as a beacon to raise funds, but I am proud of Tom Martindale and the guys at Drips who have taken the lead to help get folks back on their feet. And the Czar is here for it.

Tom Martindale has a home out on Maui and he has opened up to give folks shelter–which is just hero level stuff (but also what you’d expect from the guy.)

He’s also spun up a gofundme page to try to help 30 families who saw their lives destroyed by the fires pick up and put things back together again:

Love to see the initiative. Its a real winners attitude in the face of an awful situation.

Troutman Amin, LLP will be contributing here and we encourage everyone to join us and do what they can.

Thanks friends. Chat soon.



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