feedback loop

Just had a really nice talk with a long time client who told me how much he loves, appreciates and acts on our legal content but also how much he has loved my recent non-TCPA pieces related to the pac12, the Hawaii fire, etc. And that is actually very meaningful to me because I tend to get much less feedback when I veer off formula, and I wonder whether people enjoy those side-projects or simply tolerate them out of love for our TCPA content.

I receive a lot of praise–I mean literally several times a day–from folks who enjoy the blog, my writing style, what we stand for (DEI, truth and loyalty, deep understanding of the law) etc. and it is ALWAYS very meaningful and appreciated. Love knowing that our work is resonating and that we’re making an impact on society that transcends the practice of law.

Really really motivating.

But it is especially valuable and encouraging when folks encourage me to do more of the non-TCPA stuff…if that’s what the people want. 🙂

I guess I have a couple of points here:

  1. first, thank you to everybody who has given us praise and feedback. I am sincerely grateful you enjoy what we do and find it informational and actionable.
  2. second, DON’T BE SHY about reaching out and providing praise and feedback–because I do enjoy it (literally always) you are NEVER wasting our time with your outreach and I find your responses actionable as well.

related, hits on in 2023 just exceeded hits for all of 2022– meaning that with 4.5 months to go in the year we already have had more viewers than in all of last year. just amazing.

love you all and have a great weekend.


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