ANOTHER HUGE WEEK!!: A CRITICAL Podcast, an INCREDIBLE Webinar and the FANTASTIC Convoso RoadShow–All This Week

So Troutman Amin, LLP has been absolutely on fire for the last couple of months.

But we are the gift that never stops giving.

First, we recorded Deserve to Win Episode 15 on Friday.

Per usual this thing was fantastic. We were joined by Alex Quilici–the CEO of YouMail and the man behind the famous Robocall Index.

Alex is the man.

We discuss the huge drop in robocalls recently–is R.E.A.C.H. really behind the HUGE drop as it gets closer to its goal of stopping a billion robocalls a month?

Everybody loves R.E.A.C.H.

You’ll want to tune in to find out.

We also discuss the recent TCPA appellate court rulings and, of course, the INSANE course of the FTC and the FCC NPRM on express consent under the TCPA.

Plus I solve all of the nation’s telecom woes in about a minute and a half.

The Czar breaks it down. For more INSIGHTFUL content be sure to follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube Channel! 

You literally can’t miss this.

Speaking of the FCC and FTC, I did an INCREDIBLE high level review of the robocall epidemic in this country for myCLE and the Federal Bar Review–breaking down what has worked and what hasn’t worked. They charged 90 bucks to folks to attend, but you can watch it FREE on our YouTube channel right now!

In the webinar I break down the government’s response to the robocall epidemic and explain why past efforts haven’t worked. The new FTC and FCC actions might–but is the cost too heavy?? You decide!

Probably the greatest breakdown of what went wrong in the government’s response to the robocall epidemic ever. For more TREMENDOUS content be sure to follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube Channel! 

Last Queenie and I will be braving the remnants of Hurricane Hillary– the eye hit my house, and I am serious–to attend the always- fantastic Convoso Roadshow tomorrow.

Love this event. 

Will be a great opportunity to get together and review some fundamentals. Talk through TCPA and privacy issues. Explore options for pivoting off of the FCC’s expected NPRM and generally explore R.E.A..H. membership for those who still have questions.

Now, more than ever the world needs the new clear standards of R.E.A.C.H. and I love to see folks flocking to join. If you have questions we have answers–and solutions. Be sure to check in so you can be part of the SOLUTION for industry and fight back to protect it from the crushing and irrational behavior of some regulators.


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