CLASS ACT: DMS’s General Counsel Just Sent Me a Note And it was Genuinely Wonderful to Read

Just received this note from the general counsel of Digital Media Solutions, Inc.
Hello Eric,
I am writing in response to your recent article.
First, Robert Camhe was no longer an employee of DMS at the time of his exchange with Ms. Amin. Since that time, Mr. Camhe has updated his LinkedIn profile to make it clear that he is not affiliated with DMS. The views he expressed are solely his own and are in no way shared by DMS.
But more importantly, DMS had no role in the PACE-REACH merger discussions, was indeed unaware that concrete merger discussions were taking place, and only learned of the failure of the merger after the fact.
We value your contributions to the ongoing discussions of the legal challenges facing the lead generation industry (the industry needs all the friends that it can get right now), and hope that this allows you to see that DMS was not involved in the collapse of the PACE-REACH merger talks.
I would be happy to discuss with you further, whether over the phone or in person at some future time. Meanwhile, I sincerely hope that you will set the record straight with your readership. All the best, Tony Saldana (DMS General Counsel)
Just exceptionally classy. DMS could have responded in a host of different ways and they undoubtedly chose the best one.

Tony Saldana is a classy fellow. And I respect that.
So it seems I was misinformed.
Nonetheless, I just took down the article suggesting DMS blew up the merger– I will take Tony at his word.
Now that the air is clear about DMS, I guess we can get back to work.

Will explore further though. Perhaps this evening.
Stay classy TCPAWorld.


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