WOW!!!: Was ABSOLUTELY Incredible. Here are Some Pics {AND VIDS} to Prove it

So Mike Ferree and Sara Malo can really put on a show.

The ladies and I on the Troutman Amin, LLP stage!

I always say that the TCPA summit in Florida is my favorite show of the year–and it is–but is officially my second favorite.

We were sooo excited to see this stage and it did NOT disappoint!

And it certainly helped that Troutman Amin, LLP had its own stage at the event!

The Troutman Amin, LLP stage at!!!

My goodness what a powerful law firm brand, just amazing how well loved we are as a firm–so many clients!– and we are still brand new.

The ladies (Queenie, Baroness and Dame) happy to be in Denver!

Its because we GIVE so much. Always sharing information. Always working hard. Always smiling and welcoming others.

This sort of thing is very infectious. And very powerful.

The girls having fun with the Regal guys

Other law firms spend all their time trying to make money. We make money seemingly by accident. We’re just here to help. And spread a little joy where we can. But really we are here to protect people. And inform.

Love Lisa!

Anyhoo, was in Denver and brought out all the BEST people in the contact center world.

Great GREAT brands took the stage.

And everyone was in the mood to hang out and MAKE DEALS.

Zeina (the Great), Baroness and the Czar flying in!

Look at these three (Dame, Queenie and Baroness)! Amazing.

The Troutman Amin, LLP team came in full force with Queenie, the Dame, Baroness and Zeina (the Great) all joining the Czar.

A lovely rooftop deck and a super blue moon!

We had a fantastic airbnb with a great rooftop deck and a blue super moon to greet us!

So many great folks!

But the greeting at the hotel lobby was even warmer– so many great people. Loved to see everyone and catch up.

So much swag!!! (It was ALL gone by the end of the show!!!!) 

We brought along a TON of swag and it was literally all gobbled up. Indeed, this will be the LAST TIME we will ever hand out our magazine for free at a show– and they were ALL taken. Unbelievable.

Then, to work.

Michael McGuire of Nobel Biz, Dave Grof of and Rob Bayer President of Anomaly Squared on the Troutman Amin stage along with the famous Queenie!

Thursday Puja took the (Troutman Amin) stage twice–once with an AWESOME panel moderated by the incredible Mike McGuire of Nobel Biz.

Queenie, Isaac, and Ashley made an incredible Trio!!! 

And then an incredible three way discussion with Isaac Shloss and Ashley Huggins of–LOVE those guys!

The brilliant Mathew Block of Mav rocks the Troutman Amin stage!

Mav CEO Mathew Block also gave a brilliant discussion to round out a great first day.

The incomparable Eric King breaks it down, alongside Jack Roche of Charter and Mathew Curtis of ADT on the Troutman Amin stage! The VERY lovely Sarah Gulbrandsen moderated!

Day 2 saw a KILLER panel with speakers from the guys at DirecTV, Charter and ADT with standout Sarah Gulbrandsen serving as moderator! Really insightful stuff out of this bunch.

And then, of course, the Czar took the stage.

Now I was told by a few people this was my best performance ever!!! And that is really saying something. (Check out the clips below and see if you agree!)

Because, let’s be real, performing is what I am best at. Not one of these paper pushing lawyers. Give me the big stage–or the courtroom–and let me do what I do…

bring the truth.

But I really did ENJOY this presentation because FINALLY people are starting to really pay attention to the BIG CHANGES that are coming.

The Czar breaking down what a Dark Pattern is!!!

For a while I felt like I was just throwing dirt into a puddle. Never saw any change.

But now, people are really starting to get it. And that was very energizing for me.

The Czar breaking down fraudulent creatives that gets folks into trouble with the FTC!

So I discussed dark patterns, consent farms, the big changes to the TSR and what everyone needs to be doing RIGHT NOW to prepare for the big FCC NPRM ruling.

Plus tons of discussion about R.E.A.C.H.–and a bunch of new members signed up. Was really amazing to see.

What is a ROBOCALL anyway? The Czar explains at

Industry is FINALLY starting to coalesce around a great set of standards– but is it too late? We’ll find out. But we won’t give up the fight.

April was looking very sleek for this EPIC presentation on the Troutman Amin stage. 

After I spoke, April Wong gave a great presentation on call labeling.

Welcome to the universe Ariel Tolome! My goodness what a performance.

And then this Ariel Tolome person took the stage AND BLEW IT UP. I have never seen so much energy. A standing ovation followed. Absolutely amazing.

Balto founder Marc Bernstein finishes up the day with a tight and beautiful presentation on the Troutman Amin stage.

Then the CEO of Balto rounded off an INCREDIBLE day with really invaluable insights. I learned a ton.

Queenie and Baroness–twinsies! 

Then my favorite part of the event– after the last session a TON of great folks retire to the hotel lobby to socialize and connect.

Has a real “last day of school” feel to it and everybody is very happy and relaxed.

SUCH a nice feeling.

What would I do without Queenie?

Plus I do have the BEST partner in the world!!!!

Awesome dinner!

Friday night we had a nice dinner with a few friendly faces.

And then it was back home.. and back to work!

Everybody was still smiling on the way home so…good trip!

Really loved being out in Denver, CO. Thanks to everybody who helped make it amazing!

Goodnight everyone!



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