1. Really loved and our stage was INCREDIBLE

2. should lead generators be doing to prepare to pivot in light of FCC and FTC developments? Find out in this QUICK and AWESOME discussion with my friends at Convoso.

3. You can’t grow without loyalty. Thank you to EVERYBODY who has helped us grow over the last year.

4. I am really pissed about the whole Cal to the ACC thing, but we will deal with that another day

5. What is a dark pattern anyway? Find out right now. GREAT example.

6. Did you know that even the guy who created the Robocall Index had his own phone labeled scam likely? Ridiculous

7. I can juggle

Also, in case you missed, it Plaintiff’s lawyers are being sued by other Plaintiff’s lawyers now. And I love this. No video on this though. Check it out here.

Also if you’re not following our YouTube channel…what gives?


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