DEFAULT CHAMPION: Famous TCPA Names Alvord and Champion Net Over $200k In Individual TCPA Suit–But It Could Have Been Worse

So quick one for you.

In Champion and Alvord v. Sethi, et al. 2023 WL 5751468 (D. Az. 2023) the Court just issued a default judgment in favor of the Plaintiffs totaling over $200k.

Interestingly, however, the Plaintiffs were originally after a lot more. The court only credited evidence of 405 of over 800 messages the Plaintiffs claimed to have received. The Court also refused to treble damages, finding that a $200k award was plenty,

So what could have been an award of over $1MM ended up being a comparatively reasonable judgment of $200k. Still, considering the limited amount of work the two Plaintiffs had to put into this, that’s a pretty big score. No wonder these cases keep pouring in.

We’ll keep an eye on this.



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