FCC BACK AT FULL STRENGTH!!– Anna Gomez Was Confirmed As 5th And Final FCC Commissioner Today, Fulfilling Another Czar Prophecy

So when President Biden nominated Gigi Sohn a while back I told everyone it was unlikely to happen. It didn’t.

But when Biden’s new pick Anna Gomez was named basically everyone I spoke to predicted a quick and easy nomination–and that is exactly what happened.

Today Ms. Gomez was officially confirmed as the fifth and final FCC commissioner, bringing the FCC back to full strength.

The FCC now has 3 Democratic Commissioners–lead by Chairwoman Rosenworcel–and 2 Republican Commissioners.

This occurred precisely in line with my timing prediction and empowers the Commission to rule on the pending NPRM ahead of the end of the year.

I want to personally congratulate Ms. Gomez– both in my role as the Czar and also in my role as President of R.E.A.C.H.–for really having a very distinguished career that nobody could really question. In today’s super heated political environment the fact that basically everyone was in favor of her confirmation is pretty cool. So nice work.

As I have been telling everyone out there in industry the work really starts now to help the Commission understand what a terrible idea it would be to ban all lead sales. While industry CERTAINLY needs some guardrails and standards an outright ban would shutter tens of thousands of businesses and have a massive impact on the American economy as a whole.

As someone told me recently–leads make the world go ’round.

Here is hoping Commissioner Gomez is the smart and principled leader folks seem to think she is– and that she will land in the middle ground camp of adopting the stringent and consumer-friendly R.E.A.C.H. standards as opposed to shutting down the industry altogether. More soon!


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