“SUPERPOWER”: Check Out the Czar’s INCREDIBLE Address to the FTC Defending the Good Actors in the Lead Gen Industry From Governmental Overreach

Well if we learned anything today it is that the Czar does not know how time zones work.

I posted yesterday that my remarks to the FTC would take place at 11:00 am pacific. And, yeah, I was wrong. It was at 11:00 am EASTERN!

My bad.

But I still made it on time (thank goodness) even if some of you didn’t. My apologies.

The good news though is that you can watch my remarks to the Commission– RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!

The Czar addresses the FTC. And for more COMPELLING content follow the INCREDIBLE Troutman Amin, LLP YouTube channel now!

As you can tell I am passionate in defense of the GOOD ACTORS in both the lead generation and direct to consumer marketing industries–even as I work hard to set MUCH NEEDED  standards for the industry and get rid of bad actors.

America NEEDS the lead generation industry. But it needs the industry to straighten up and fly right. Do the things it is capable of doing to continue to be a SUPERPOWER for the American economy.

But it has to STOP driving so many unwanted calls. Cannot continue.

That’s why R.E.A.C.H. is here. If you aren’t a member yet you have to start asking yourself if you’re part of the problem. Just being real.

I also spoke with FCC Commissioner Carr’s office today. More on that tomorrow.

All of this free of charge by the way. I do not collect one penny for these efforts from anybody.

I am doing it because stopping robocalls, on the one hand, and stopping governmental overreach, on the other, are my civic responsibility. And the Czar is powerful enough to effect change on both ends.

And so I will.

Much love folks.



  1. Gee, Eric, did you really say anything? You talk about protecting women-owned and minority-owned businesses, but most of the lead generators are off shore, and certainly do nothing to contribute to the US economy, but do contribute to the billions of unwanted telemarketing calls. But, kudos, for getting your face in front of the camera for a couple of minutes.

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