ROUND TWO: R.E.A.C.H. Holds Another Round of FCC Meetings on TCPA Consent–Meanwhile the NCLC Punches Back on ESIGN

We’re in a battle folks.

A couple of heavyweights exchanging blows right now in front of the FCC. Really quite the spectacle.

So on Tuesday, powerful R.E.A.C.H. members sat down with Commissioner Starks’ office– this guy is a CRITICAL swing vote, a very thoughtful fellow who wants to do the right thing.

We presented our discussion on the importance of the lead generation industry and the CRAZINESS of imposing retroactive liability for calls that were already made–which is exactly what the NCLC wants to see happen. Nuts.

We absorbed quite a bit of energy–and questions–so folks are very engaged on this issue and being very thoughtful. A lot of work is being put in here. And that is a very good thing.

The more scrutiny the various proposals receive, the better the middle-ground of the R.E.A.C.H. standards is going to appear!

You can read R.E.A.C.H.’s full ex parte filing here.

Meanwhile, the NCLC was back up and swinging as well. In a meeting this week they asked the Commission to require full ESIGN implementation for webform submissions and questioned whether webform consents are even possible.

What else should we expect from an organization taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the plaintiff’s bar through cy pres distributions in TCPA cases?

You can read their submission here.

As R.E.A.C.H. is laser focused on consent intermediary issues, I’ve asked PACE to take the lead in responding to this new front in the war. And it looks like those folks are going to jump on it–which is truly great to hear.

A ton at stake here. Don’t listen to anyone that tells you these proceedings are no big deal. The future of the industry is very much at stake here.

Happy to be fighting the good fight for all of you.

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And for a quick two minute clip on which this matters, check out my comments to the FTC the other day:

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  1. The industry has had 32 years to get its act together and stop with the annoying calls, but instead has focused on ways to slither around the statute and regulations. Only after the FCC and FTC are taking action to put a stop to the 3 decades of continued abuses, now does the industry come forward and say that they will “do better.” The industry had its chance and didn’t take matters seriously, so why should anyone believe anything has changed now? Even Troutman (allegedly) warned them, and they did not listen. The lead gen industry deserves to die a painful death!

    1. Tough to disagree with these thoughts. But the one thing that did change is that the Czar came along. And I’m dedicated to setting things right. Just need a little help…

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