TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: this is how Queenie describes her relationship with the Czar…

So Puja was just featured on, which is kind of cool.

Worth reading the entire interview– but this is my favorite part for obvious reasons.

We also adore your partner Eric J. Troutman. In thinking about how you both operate as a team, what famous duo, living, dead, or cartoon would you identify yourselves with and why? How do you two differ and compliment each other in your approaches?

Honestly, I don’t think a duo like us has ever existed or has captured the two of us. The Czar is a completely unique individual — there’s never been anyone like him in history that I can point to. He is always so focused on the truth, always logical and always focused on doing what’s right – he is more similar to a religious leader than a business leader. I really think there isn’t a problem he can’t solve — in my opinion he is the greatest lawyer in the country. But he is enigmatic and often can’t relate to people.

That’s where I come in. I am the more human, relatable partner. I add a human touch to our partnership. I think the Czar’s intellectual prowess is balanced by my practicality and empathy. I handle clients with grace and thoughtfulness. One thing we have in common that binds us is that we are both addicted to winning and will do whatever it takes to win. He is my partner in winning. And we both work equally as hard to keep on winning. As Eric says he’s never met anyone that works as hard as him – and trust me does that man work hard. The best thing I can tell you is that we are a lion and tiger that are just stuck together in a coliseum and we kind of like each other and we will fight the bears but when we are left alone, we can’t help but chew on each other’s heads. We both just want to win so bad, every day.


That “chew on each other’s heads” line is absolute perfection. Very true also. We are both very tough customers–as anyone will tell you.

She’s an amazing one that Puja.

Heard she’s dating an F1 driver…


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