REAL OR MAKE BELIEVE?: So Andrew Perrong is a Lawyer Now Apparently (But Maybe Not) And This Could Be a Big Deal

Editor’s note: looks like its true.

Received this note today:

Mr. Troutman,

I am surprised you did not cover my recent licensure on TCPAWorld. Regardless, I am certain we will be seeing a lot of each other as I begin my legal career, albeit on opposite sides. I look forward to working professionally with you and your firm in the near future. If you want to have me on your podcast sometime in the next few months let me know; I’d be happy to do so.

Thank you kindly,

Andrew Perrong (PA Bar #333687)

Perrong Law LLC

2657 Mt. Carmel Ave. 

Glenside, PA 19038


The state bar website does not confirm he has been admitted:

Perrong attributes this to a “lag”–which is probably true. But I will believe it when I see it. And when I see it I will have Perrong on the podcast immediately.

Perrong is a controversial character in TCPAWorld. A repeat TCPA player of the highest order–a “habitual litigant” according to one judge– who always seems to have claims of suspicious circling around his cases. Plus I have received reports that he is overbearing and unpleasant, although I have never dealt with him personally as he has always been represented by counsel–the Wolf–when I have litigated against him.

But rulings like this from federal judges suggest TCPAWorld denizens should be rightly concerned about this new development:

If any misconduct exists, it is Plaintiff’s decision to act with petulance rather than professionalism by ignoring communications from opposing counsel, filing a request for default judgment despite knowing that Defendants intended to answer, and forcing Defendants to “rack up billables” (Pl. Resp. at 8) in order to oppose Plaintiff’s Request for Default Judgment. Plaintiff’s behavior is gamesmanship of the lowest order.

Gamesmanship of the lowest order?

Rough stuff.

We can expect Perrong to enter the TCPA game with fury and volume. I can only imagine what that will mean for TCPA filings–which are already WAY above last year.

Still, perhaps now that Perrong is licensed to walk among the attorney demi-gods he will turn over a new leaf and protect his ticket to practice law by developing a new professionalism and respect for the legal system. We shall see.

Either way, I will get the guy on the podcast the ASAP.

Speaking of the podcast, did you catch episode 16 yet? Really good one–and pretty quick too.

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  1. Andrew Perrong is a disgrace to the legal profession. You should write a complaint to the bar for all the fraudulent TCPA cases this guy filed. You won’t. Lawyers don’t care about the integrity of their profession which has sunk down into the lower depths. This is unfortunate because my father was an attorney. His generation of attorneys never would have put up with the likes of Andrew Perrong.

    1. careful. suggesting the Czar doesn’t care about integrity is a pretty big stone to cast. and it probably won’t land the way you wish.

      Perrong will get his due from the Czar. if he misbehaves. consequences. until then, he is an attorney and will be respected as one around here.

      keep it in mind–because I DO defend the legal profession (which I happen to deeply believe in, especially now) from all comers…

  2. Even the worst, low life criminal deserves an attorney to represent him in court and argue that the criminal is innocent. So, three cheers for Troutman for representing telemarketers and lead generators; the low lifes that they are. P.S. I looked up Mr. Perrong, Esq., and it does show that his date of admission is today (10/10/2023). Maybe Mr. Perrong will file a false light lawsuit against Mr. TCPA Litigator List — the man that aids and abets telemarketes and lead generators at skirting the law.

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