CHECK THIS OUT: Yet ANOTHER Incredible FREE Webinar is Coming Up– And a Quick Kid Turkey Story to Lighten the Mood

How amazing are these little graphic things?

Just love them.

So Puja and I are off to D.C. next week for the BIG Somos event but when we get back we will be doing a quick webinar with the good folks at Channel Automation, which they are calling “comply or die”–which is a really amazing little tag line.

In fact if i wasn’t so committed to Deserve to Win I would totally adopt “comply or die.”

Troutman Amin, LLP– Comply or Die.

hahahah so good. so authoritarian. Really goes with the whole “Czar” motif.

But how does it move like that?

But, of course, I am a loving sort of Czar. I’m not really a “obey or die” kind of guy–then again the regulators have been lately (and sometimes they don’t even let you off the hook when you die.)


To lighten the mood–while still oddly discussing death– here’s a quick true kid story.

Was dropping to school and the middle kid says “Dada I think turkeys will be extinct soon. At least 200 are killed everything Thanksgiving.”

Intrigued, by the rather odd estimate I asked him how he had arrived at 200 turkeys a year.

He went on to explain that there are at least 1,400 people in the world by his estimation. And since every thanksgiving dinner has about 7 people at it, that means at least 200 turkeys die each year.

Can’t argue with the math.

Anyway if you’re interested in attending our latest amazing FREE educational breakdown of TCPAWorld developments– where we will NOT discuss turkeys but we WILL give you THE LATEST information available on everything you need to know to survive in light of the CRAZY recent developments impacting marketers and call centers– be sure to TUNE IN October 25, 2023 at Noon pacific. 

Register here!

Will be a fantastic show.

In the meantime you can check out my most recent AWESOME webinar with the folks at Call Tools below:

Be sure to follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel to stay up to date on all the happenings in TCPAWorld!

Chat soon. Happy weekend folks.


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