MASS CARRIER SHUT DOWN LOOMING: FCC Takes Action to Shut Down 20 (TWENTY!) Carriers for Non-Compliance With Robocall Mitigation Rules and WOW

The FCC is an incredibly powerful federal agency and it is laser focused on stopping robocalls by going after carriers that allow unwanted call to traverse their networks.’

The TRACED Act gave the FCC power to establish an database of voice service providers and their robocall mitigation plans. Those who do not have a plan–or comply with it–face a shut down by the FCC.

To date we have seen drips and drabs of enforcement work–a carrier shut down here, a platform shut down there–but never a bulk blitz on carrier networks.

speaking of the FCC–who are these guys? 😉

Well that all changed this week when the FCC announced that 20–TWENTY!!!!– carriers are at immediate risk of being shut down.

The carriers facing the axe are:

  • Computer Integrated Solutions
  • Datacom Specialists
  • DomainerSuite
  • Humbolt VoIP
  • National Cloud Communications
  • NewWave Consulting
  • Route 66 Broadband
  • Tech Bizz Solutions
  • Vida Network Technologies
  • 2054235 Alberta
  • Claude ICT Poland
  • Evernex
  • Etihad Etisalat (Mobily)
  • My Taxi Ride
  • Nervill
  • Phone GS
  • SIA Tet
  • Textodog
  • Viettel Business Solutions


Names you know? Folks you work with? You might want to start looking for a new provider (and better friends).

The FCC has initially determined that each of these carriers may not be complying with the robocall mitigation rules/plan in place under TRACED.

I have not reviewed each of the individual enforcement orders to determine what each of these folks did to get on the naughty list, but suffices that each is now facing pretty serious consequences–i.e. the death penalty–if they don’t answer for their sins. (Actually I looked at a couple of these and it appears most of them failed to attach a robocall mitigation plan–several of them attached “blank pages” apparently.)

The FCC has given each of these carriers 14 days to come forward and explain itself and, presumably, to beg for mercy.

Not sure where this is going to land but we will surely keep an eye on it.

More to come and more info here. 

Also, and unrelated I heard the Spammer Blaster guy launched a denial of service attack on David Frankel and I now I really like this guy.

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  1. And, lets hope that the FCC closes down another 200 before the calendar year is out.

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