NO SOLUTIONS: Disappointing Senate Hearing on TCPA and Robocalls Results In Little Meaningful Testimony and No Solutions

It was like watching a bunch of fifth graders discussing the problem of robocalls.

Not much more I can say than that.

The lack of understanding of the issues was plain. The U.S. Senators asking questions plainly did not understand the subject matter–or the witnesses they were talking to. Little was accomplished.

Still, Puja and I sat through the sprawling nearly two hour hearing providing breaking coverage and filling in the gaps left behind in the underwhelming hearing. Hundreds of you tuned in–and we appreciate you watching!–and we will have the full recording on our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel as quickly as possible.

There are not enough disappointed memes in the world to capture this… 

For now here are the only take aways I have from the hearing:

  1. Senator Tester is a bad ass.
  2. Senator Vance seemed interested in going after the robocallers in their overseas enclaves which is an interesting solution.
  3. Senator Lujan seemed legitimately interested in solving the problem, even if he clearly did not understand the issues involved.
  4. All of the rest of the senators just seemed interested in reading some sob story into the record and asking some meaningless question (some of them asked the same question as others) to witnesses who were generally not qualified to respond.
  5. Margot Saunders SPECIFICALLY said she wants to end the “business model” of lead generators. Absolutely massive.
  6. Margot LIED to Congress about the content of the FCC’s consent rules. No one was there to call her out on it.
  7. Multiple witnesses complained about “consent farms” and misbehavior by the lead generation industry. None discussed its benefits. None discussed the work of R.E.A.C.H.
  8. The only “solutions” offered were Margot’s suggestion that carriers be shut down for repeatedly carrying bad traffic. Terrible idea for multiple reasons–not the least of which is that there is no law permitting that. (Margot literally said there is no law that applies to carriers, and she doesn’t support one, but she just wants the FCC to shut them down without one. WTH??)
  9. There was a surprising focus on generative AI from the Senator’s questions. Looks like their staffers are intrigued by the technology and are feeling around for information. Seemed like AI was feared–as something that can generate fake calls that sound like familiar vices–but also looked to as a solution–something that might some how stop unwanted calls.

We will have more coverage of the hearing and its outcome as we let the testimony sink in. Thank you again to the Reassigned Numbers Database for sponsoring’s live coverage today.

The RND is a fantastic solution that has stopped billions of unwanted calls and protected its users from tens of billions in potential TCPA exposure. For those of you who do not know about it reach out and I will connect you with folks over there. It is an absolutely ESSENTIAL tool in the fight against unwanted robocalls–and, of course, it wasn’t mentioned once in the hearing today.


Chat soon TCPAWorld.


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  1. So, let me get this straight…

    A bunch of lawmakers displayed their lack of understanding about an issue and yet still indicated a desire to implement massive changes that would lead to severe unintended consequences. Yup, that seems about right. A typical day in DC.

    Thanks for your coverage and summary, TA Team. Keep doing a great job. Your updates during this interesting time are truly appreciated.

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