TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK: my horse naturally won…

Couple of things.

First, I’d like to say R.I.P to Strook, Strook and Lavan.

True story, my very first TCPA class action was originally assigned to Strook. Wells Fargo pulled it and gave it to me. And that was the beginning of my reign as the Czar.

Kind of sad to see them go. But, then again, not really. Don’t know what happened to the latest #biglaw firm to bite the dust. But I’ll guess it started with Greed. Ended with Greed. And had Greed in the middle.

Tons of partners jumping ship out of #biglaw right now. The whole model is going down. Everyone sees it. Everyone knows it. #biglaw is literally filled with Zombie firms. But fear keeps people glued together. Really unfortunate.

Speaking of unfortunate–did you see Ohio State is no. 1 in the new College Football Playoff Ranking? What a joke. Of course Michigan is in at no. 3– neither school is in the actual top 5 of college football. But the CFP playoff engineers it to assure that the playoff will have at least one–and perhaps two– Big10 schools in the playoff AGAIN.

And AGAIN they will lose in the first round after taking bids from schools who deserve it.

For anyone curious the ACTUAL top 5 in college football is:

  1. Georgia
  2. Washington
  3. Oregon
  4. Alabama
  5. Louisville

The Czar has Michigan at number 8 and Ohio State at number 11.

But this post isn’t about any of that.

We never stop winning!

Its about our Troutman Amin, LLP‘s awesome new race car!!

Well technically its a Ntiro Funny Car. And it goes over 300 miles an hour in under 4 seconds!!!!!

You have to watch this video TO THE END. Trust me, this is insane:

If you’re a winner you’ll follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel!

Now, I will admit that our logo is a little small on this thing. But we had to get warmed up to this.

First, its expensive to have your logo on a legit NHRA drag racing thing. Like really expensive. But that’s ok.

Second, I wasn’t sure I was really going to be into it– I’d never seen a drag race before. But I’ll be honest, watching these incredible machines ROCKET down the track. It was really something.

Like REALLY something.

Queenie, Zeina The Great and the Czar!

You don’t forget it. And the sound… I didn’t know noise could physically hurt you. Like manhandle you. Beat you about the eyebrows. But it can. And I’ve seen it now. And I’m not sure that I like it, but I certainly respect it.

So maybe the powerful Troutman Amin, LLP logo will dawn more race cars soon. And perhaps EVEN BIGGER. We’ll see.

Nito Driver Paul Lee chilling with the Troutman Amin, LLP team!!!

For now though ALL should note that our car WON its race with our logo on it. It was the goo luck charm Paul Lee–GREAT GUY– needed to pull through and win.

In the pit with the WINNING Troutman Amin, LLP race car!!

Reminds me of that old song about me: “Well I hear you went up to Saratoga And your horse naturally won”


Happy all saints day TCPAWorld.


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  1. “The Czar has Michigan at number 8 and Ohio State at number 11.”

    You’re confusing Halloween with April Fools Day, right?

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