ONE MONTH AWAY!!!: The MASSIVE TCPA Summit Is Bigger than Ever This Year– And You HAVE TO BE THERE

Last year’s AFTER DARK event…

So we are ONE MONTH away from the biggest TCPA event of the year– the big TCPA summit in Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Other than the Law Conference of Champions–Troutman Amin, LLP’s new annual conference– THIS is my favorite event of the year.

Last year’s sunset

Two full days of TCPA and related privacy compliance content from AWESOME lawyers who really know their stuff.

Now, in fairness, the Czar will have a little less stage time this year than in past years–but Queenie and I will still be delivering ~3-4 hours of content over two days. And that is a MASSIVE slice of brilliance. Plus we’ll be there for happy hours and lunches–and a TCPAWORLD AFTERDARK event (always) so there will be PLENTY of time to connect with your two favorite lawyers.

Last year, last year, last year

Plus, the Countess will be there, along with Zeina the Great!!! (Everyone LOVES Zeina so much.)

But it won’t just be the Czar and Queenie you’re hearing from, of course. Other great lawyers take the stage to provide their unique perspective as well. Folks like Michele Shuster–love her–and Aaron Weiss–great guy and so nerdy and smart.

So this really will be a well-rounded group with lots of diverse views.

So much fun…

PLUS a HUGE number of R.E.A.C.H. board members will be present as everyone is jumping ship from a different (apparently broke?) trade organization and coming to our shores for safety.

The Czar welcomes everyone with love, of course. Even if he will always remember those who came first! (Then again, those who come second [i.e. now] will always be above those who come third [i.e. in a few months.])

So some with your membership sign-up pen ready to shed some ink and a happy hand ready to share some shaking with some wonderful and compliant companies.

I cannot wait for this. Hope to see you all there!



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  1. Oh, Czar, I will be there to see my hunk hero in person! I can hardly wait.

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