TCPAWorld After Dark: the vultures are out..

The PACE carcass isn’t even cold yet and the vultures are out pecking…


Here’s a cold solicitation (ethical?) Apparently being sent around today by a law firm looking to pick up some clients leveraging the PACE meltdown…

“I read the news re: PACE. This is an unfortunate development for the industry, for sure.

I was wondering if you had any sense where member companies have been (or will be) turning to ensure their interests are represented and/or advocated. Although, I do not know him personally, I follow Eric Troutman and his firm. Admittedly, I do so primarily for the entertainment value. I do believe Eric (and his colleagues) are very good at what they do, but also know that their “style” may not align with every business that might benefit from the services available at the Troutman Amin firm.

If you had any interest in discussing the “state if the market” with me, it would be a great pleasure to learn from you and your experiences. And if there’s a tole we can fulfill or gap we can close, I’m happy to discuss our firm’s sphere of experience representing the community.”

Entertainment value indeed….

Stay classy TCPAWorld. And stay SAFE!


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