I am a child.

So we were in Nashville for a couple days last week.

Queenie was on a panel at Cardcon (decent show) with the divine Gayla and others (FTC guy) so we figured we’d make the trek out and join them.

Amanda came too. It was fun.

Brought the new folks– Kelsey! And Selah!

They’re AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

We toured the city.

Hit the music scene.

But also learned a ton from some great sessions.

Really very informative conference.

Was a lot of fun.

Plus I ate this milkshake!

And we had an AirBNB with a great view!

If I look tired it is only because I give so much! But Queenie and ZtG and the Dame keep me going!

Related, another (dying) trade organization got on my bad side last week. And I was so nice to them.

We all know what happened to PACE when it got crosswise with the Czar. Not smart.

The Czar gives so much. And I really ask virtually nothing in return. Too bad folks can’t see the big picture.

R.E.A.C.H. is absolutely erupting right now though. Eesh.

My life really is a DREAM!

IF you want to get to know us better, come hang with (learn from) us in Florida next month at the big TCPA SUMMIT!!! Will b a ton of fun. Promise!

Chat soon!


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