NO STOPPING NOVEMBER: Two More Awesome Webinars Coming up This Month as We Warm up for the Summit!

So all eyes are on Florida for the huge December 4 and 5, 2023 TCPA Summit–two full days of TCPA-related glory!–but before we get there the powerful Troutman Amin, LLP team will be offering up two more FREE and wonderful webinars for everyone.

First, on MONDAY November 20, 2023 I will be joining a cool panel for a quick and dirty discussion of what constitutes a prerecorded or artificial voice under applicable regulations.

ITS COMPLICATED: So Is the Use of Outbound AI for Marketing Purposes on Purchased Leads Illegal? Ummm…

Remember this article? Of course you do. It was one of everyone’s faves. Well now we can discuss it!

This is a particularly hot topic following the FTC’s shift on TSR enforcement and the phenomenon of generative AI in the voice channel.

The discussion will be 11:30 am pacific time and I highly encourage you to attend!

Register here–now!

The second webinar will be anchored by Queenie!!!--everyone LOVED her at CardCon and she may be the single biggest draw at the Summit this year!–she will be providing a comparative analysis of various outreach channels in connection with lead generation.

Her session– “Assessing the Risk of Different Communication Channels in LeadGen”–will be November 28, 2023, also at 11:30 am pacific. 

Check back on for a registration link for Puja’s session shortly.

Did I mention both of these sessions are free?

Yeah, I know, we are amazing.

Of course we also have a MASSIVE amount of free content available on our YouTube channel–@deservetowin— with incredible webinars like this one just waiting for you to review:

If you’re not following our YouTube channel, you really should be.

Chat soon.


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