CONGRESS GOING TCPA CRAZY?: Yet Another New Robocall/TCPA Bill Introduced in Congress (The Second in Two Days)

Just yesterday I broke the news that Rep. Jefferson Van Drew (D. NJ) had proposed a bill entitled Robocall Enforcement Enhancement Act to strengthen FCC TCPA enforcement abilities.

The Baron hasn’t even had a chance to provide an analysis of that bill and we have a new TCPA bill introduced today–H.R.1602 – To deter criminal robocall violations and improve enforcement of section 227(b) of the Communications Act of 1934, and for other purposes. (Editor’s Note: The Baron’s article on yesterday’s bill is up and can be found here.)

The text of the “Deter Criminal Violations and Improve Enforcement [of the TCPA]” bill is not yet available but it sounds suspiciously like TRACED to me. Paul will have a break down of that bill as soon as it is available.

So there are now five–count ’em five–bills pending in Congress related to the TCPA. What a time to be alive in TCPAworld. We’ve got you covered. More to come.