We’re Back!: Unprecedented Podcast Team Records Latest Episode–With Special Guest Margaret Daum!

Well it was good to be back in the big podcast chair today.

The crew got together to break down all the big TCPA developments over the last few weeks.

With Unprecedented taking a break for summer vacation there was a TON to talk about. We break down the twists and turns over the ATDS definitionwith a new majority position taking shape, as well as the battle over agency deference that will impact the FCC’s new ruling following its Public Notice proceeding. We also discuss Salcedo and its impact on the TCPAWorld. (This is huge news, of course!)

But mostly we talk about Congressional developments and the existing tension between TRACED and Stopping Bad Robocalls Act and that’s where we turn to Margaret Daum.

What a hitter! Margaret spent over a decade conducting sensitive and high-profile congressional investigations on the hill. She was actually part of the powerful Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. My goodness– who better to help guide us through the process of these two bills (TRACED and SBRA) merging together to become one–and how best to get me (the Czar) to testify before Congress. (And who better to help guide you through any sticky Congressional investigation in the extremely unfortunate event you or someone you love (or work for) gets sucked into one.)

This is a huge episode that you absolutely cannot afford to miss. It will be live on the site on Tuesday– check it out and tell a friend.

Also, its good to be back.


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