TCPA Developments In Review: Unprecedented Podcast Breaks Down Congressional Developments with Former Hill Staffer Margaret Daum

Well we’re back folks and you cannot miss this.

Dusting off the fun and sun of summer, the TCPAWorld team is back in action. We breakdown all the big TCPA developments over the last few months, including:

And then we get to the incredible interview with Margaret Daum.  What a hitter!

Margaret spent over a decade conducting sensitive and high-profile congressional investigations on the hill. She was actually part of the powerful Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. My goodness– who better to help guide us through the process of these two bills (TRACED and SBRA) merging together to become one–and how best to get me (the Czar) to testify before Congress. (And who better to help guide you through any sticky Congressional investigation in the extremely unfortunate event you or someone you love (or work for) gets sucked into one.)

Per usual this episode of Unprecedented is jam-packed, fast-moving TCPA excitement. Enjoy! You can find it here.

And a I teased today, next week we will have the inventor of DirectDrop ringless voicemail on the podcast to discuss how DirectDrop is fighting back against the notion that the TCPA applies to this technology. What a huge interview. So pleased to bring this to you.

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