The Science of Law: DirectDrop Ringless Voicemail Inventor David King Joins the Unprecedented Podcast to Explain Precisely Why The Technology Doesn’t Trigger the TCPA

Well get ready for another AMAZING episode of Unprecedented. 

In Episode 9 we feature and interview with  a true American innovator– David King, the inventor of VoApps ringless voicemail technology. David joins us to discuss VoApps’ technology and its recent efforts to assist Defendants sued in TCPA suits. This is a strong move by VoApps considering that litigation surrounding the TCPA propriety of its technology is ongoing.

David King

VoApps Inventor David King

In the interview we walk through the facts presented in King’s 32 paragraph declaration submitted in the Saunders case last week. King describes exactly how the technology works including breaking down how the nation’s wireless carrier transmissions actually work. Critical to TCPA defendants is his explanation of how a voicemail service provider’s server is accessed using a Forward-To-Number assigned to an individual cell phone user’s phone. The Forward-to-Number is a “business class, landline telephone number assigned to the voicemail platform of the voicemail service provider that the cellular user has chosen.” And the DirectDrop product communicates only with the Forward-to-Number, not with any specific cellular number.

But don’t take my word for it–hear it from King himself. Sure this stuff is technical but we make it as accessible as possible. What a unique opportunity! And wait for his breathtaking defense of the technology–stating that VoApps’ technology is “absolutely” a call to a landline and not to a number assigned to a cellular service. This is a real game changing interview that users of ringless voicemail technology (and their counsel) cannot afford to miss.

Before the interview we break down the biggest TCPA news from the last week, including:

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The interview is found here.