BACK ON TOP: Sergei Lemberg Joins the Unprecedented Podcast to Discuss TCPA AFter Regaining His Status as TCPAWorld’s Top Filer

For years Sergei Lemberg’s name was synonymous with huge volume TCPA filing. He was the filing leader month after month from 2014-2017.

Well after a break for a little over a year, last month WebRecon again recognized Sergei Lemberg as the top TCPA filer in the country. Eager to crow about his return to the top Sergei joins the Unprecedented podcast team this week to talk about how it all started and where he’s headed with his huge volume machine.

More importantly, he represents the Plaintiff in the big Druguid case that is possibly on its way up to the Supreme Court to determine whether the TCPA complies with the First Amendment.

You will not want to miss this big interview in which TCPAWorld’s noted “Picklemaker” tells the Unprecedented podcast team that he is going “all the way” with Druguid –he even tells us how to pronounce it and it is not even close to houw you think.  He also discusses his strategy for bringing these cases, how he got into the TCPA game, and what he thinks might be coming next. You won’t want to miss it.

Before we get to the interview we break down all the biggest news of the week including:

You can’t miss this one folks! The podcast is live NOW and available here.


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