Radio Clash: Czar Joins NPR’s “On Point” Live Christmas Eve at 10 AM Eastern/7 AM Pacific

For those of you looking for entertainment on your holiday drive, look no further than NPR’s live call-in show, “On Point,” at 10 AM Eastern/7 AM Pacific. The Czar will join the hosts for an in-depth examination of the TCPA and various congressional and FCC reform efforts.

Learn more here.

For those who have not seen or heard the Czar speak live, this is a unique opportunity to do so, live and uncut. The show will be nationally syndicated, just in time for your Christmas Eve travel!

“This is going to be awesome” the Czar said this morning “it’s live radio with a huge national audience- what could possible go wrong?! I mean possibly. What could possibly go wrong.”

I know what I’ll be listening to on my way to the beach….I mean family reunion….

Hopefully he’ll be ready.

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