In Case You Missed It: Squire’s Vaunted Privacy Squad Breaks Down the Latest Proposed CCPA Changes from California’s AG

Like any good couple, TCPA and CCPA are so different and yet so similar. While Squire’s TCPA Team keeps crushing the competition in its zone of influence, nobody knows the CCPA better than Squire’s  broader Privacy Squad–more formally known as the Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Team. These guys really know their stuff and their constantly putting out great articles to  help keep the world abreast of CCPA developments.

Apropos: as most TCPA dwellers may know, a couple weeks back the California AG announced a few changes to the CCPA’s proposed regulations that are mighty substantive. If you have’t yet made note of these changes–or considered how they might affect your business–the time do so is now.  And luck for you, Squire’s Privacy Squad has a great breakdown that you can check out right here.

And, of course, if any of you missed my huge TCPA/CCPA cross-over webinar event last year you can still find it right here.

(BTW I’m hearing rumors I’ll be getting looped into another webinar for the folks at soon–and its a doozy.)


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