Secret Show Not So Secret: Czar to Join Webinar TOMORROW on Automated TCPA Claim Craze (“Robolawsuits”)

All right so I thought I would do a little “off the grid” content for and agreed a while back to join a webinar on the new TCPA filing apps that folks are using. For those of you who don’t know, there are apps now that allow you to automatically sue so-called “robocallers” with the push of a button.

Check out a clip glamorizing this pursue-a-legal-claim-without-thinking-it-through innovation here:

So anyway I thought it was interesting enough to join a quick webinar on the topic–although I famously refuse to do webinars– and assumed a handful of folks would show up. Apparently, however, OVER 600 PEOPLE are already registered to attend this thing–without any promotion on my part whatsoever.


So, since my “secret show” has obviously gone mainstream I figured I’d really open the floodgates and let everyone know about this thing. FREE webinar. TOMORROW at 9 am pacific.

Register here

We’ll be talking about how these apps work (really shocking stuff actually) and how YOU can AVOID being targeted in a robolawsuit.

Be there or you might be robo-sued!