WHAT THE HECK IS A “MASTERCLASS” ANYWAY?: Find Out as Queenie, the Kingmaker, the Czar and the Archduke take the (Virtual) Stage Together for the First Time Ever Next Week

So I’ve been hearing this goofy phrase “masterclass” for a while now. And I always kind of cringe when I hear it because…what does it mean?

Am I the master because I am teaching the class? Or is the class for masters only? Or is the class all of our masters and we’re just subserviant beings serving out our roles vis a vis the class? (Like, maybe we only exist so that the class can happen?) Or maybe its all of the above?

Anyway I’ve been enlisted as part of a “Masterclass” on properly obtaining TCPA consent and–name aside–this is actually a hugely important topic.

As anyone who has read my 2020 TCPA Year End review knows there were some HUGE changes to the law regarding online disclosures last year and I’ve pulled together some of the BIGGEST names in TCPA to help me break this down for you.

In fact this will be the first time the Kingmaker– Capital One’s TCPA SME Jeremy Gladstone– Queenie– loanDepot’s Puja Amin, the Archduke and I will ever be on the same panel together. That’s TCPA history in the making.

The Kingmaker and I on stage in 2019


And I’ll need all this firepower to give you the timely breakdown on consent you need. Stuff like:

  • Can consent be obtained over a telephone call or does it need to be in writing
  • Does a recorded call qualify as a written consent?
  • How can you fashion enforceable online consent disclosures?
  • What key language needs to be included to make sure a disclosure is enforceable?
  • Does a seller’s name need to be included in an online disclosure?
  • How prominent does a disclosure need to be to be enforceable?
  • How can consent be revoked and can you get it back after?
  • Whose consent for you need anyway?

Great stuff right?


Apparently over 400 people are already signed up for this thing and I haven’t even promoted it yet. (Remember that time I tried to do a “secret show” and it ended up with 1,000 people? hahaha)

So if you want to watch history in the making and learn a few things in a “masterclass” environment,


BTW– this is just the first of a series of huge events for TCPAWorld in March. Will break down the rest of the agenda tomorrow.

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