Real Quick: The U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg just Joined Squire’s Atlanta Office and that’s Just Cool

So I try not to brag about all the fun stuff that happens here at Squire too much–that gets old quick–but I thought this was pretty cool.

Trial lawyer Randy Evans–a guy who has legit tried cases in 42 different states– just signed on to join Squire’s Atlanta office alongside the illustrious Archduke of the Realm.

As if Randy’s trial chops weren’t impressive enough the guy just got done serving as the U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg.

I mean, come on. That’s neat and you know it is.

As Squire’s Atlanta office head put it: “Randy has so many opportunities—and he chose us. We get to practice law with him again, which is great for us, the Atlanta office and the global litigation team.”

Here here.

If you’re interested in connecting with Randy–or a need an ace trial lawyer in Georgia–feel free to reach out.

Also, here’s a little more press on the guy:

Chat soon.



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