MARCH MADNESS– TCPA Edition: Here’s the Schedule of BIG March Events

As I relayed yesterday March is off to a big start with a true MASTERCLASS on express consent set for next Wednesday, March 10, 2021. Capital One and loanDepot representatives will be on the panel in the form of the Kingmaker and Queenie so, unsurprisingly, we’ve seen a huge response to this one from the kids on the interwebs.

But that Master Class is just the start.

We’ll also have a Lady Webinar on March 16, 2021 when the Baron and I will be teaming up with Movement Labs and Democracy Partners to cover 10DLC registration and the latest on carrier call blocking rules.

Then a couple of HUGE podcasts will drop.

First, a CRITICAL interview with the Cannabis Trades (which we are recording today!) to talk through the huge TCPA assault on the cannabis industry and what dispensaries and platforms servicing the cannabis space can do to protect themselves. We’ve had a huge response from industry participants in response to our recent articles and this is our chance to GIVE BACK with free information critical to the space.

Next, an incredible interview–to be recorded March 12, 2021–with the most powerful man in telecom– David Frankel, the top cop on the robocall beat for the Industry Traceback Group (now the official robocall detective force of the federal government.) You have to hear what he has to say about when and why YOUR traffic might be flagged, blocked and (worse yet) shut down altogether.

And then the BIG one.

Through the power of LeadsCouncil I’ve been cajoled into speaking ON STAGE in Orlando, Florida at Lead Generation World— the first LIVE appearance for the Czar in over a year! (Antibodies are wonderful things.) That event is March 22, 2021. I am hearing that other members of the royal court may be joining me on stage as we discuss… something TCPA related. hahaha.

Talk about a packed schedule.

Yet I may have some additional tricks up my sleeve as the month rolls on. And looking ahead to April we have another MASTERCLASS scheduled on April 7, 2021 (details coming) and some additional great podcasts guests already in the pipeline.

Of course, the Third and Fourth quarters of 2021 are going to be Engagement Entanglement (TM) with the Czar slated to speak at CBA, LeadsCon, MBA events and then THE BIGGEST ONE OF THEM ALL– The December TCPA Summit in Florida.


Stay tuned for more info.

Happy Friday TCPAWorld


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