IS IT 4:20 YET?: Cannabis Industry Spokesman Joins Unprecedented Podcast to Discuss Dispensaries’ TCPA Compliance Woes

Its no secret that the Cannabis industry–particularly mom and pop dispensaries— has been simply hammered by predatory TCPA lawsuits recently. Well we here at TCPAWorld are determined to do something about it and it start with education and awareness.

Toward that end we were most honored to be joined by Morgan Fox (great name, right?) the Media Relations Director for the National Cannabis Industry Association— a 1,500+ member organization dedicated to protecting the legal cannabis industry, defending state laws, and advancing federal policy reforms.

Morgan Fox

As Morgan explains, 68% of American adults now favor the legalization of Marijuana (with appropriate regulation) and have come to understand the harms caused by prohibition and criminalization. On the other hand, an even wider majority of Americans disapprove of unwanted robocalls–so the industry’s recent spat of TCPA litigation may actually prove detrimental to the Organization’s larger mission of acceptance and normalization.

This has not escaped the NCIA’s notice, and Morgan’s appearance on Unprecedented is just the first step toward helping folks in this space understand the importance of complying with the complex web of federal law and regulation impacting telephone outreach.

In our interview–which will drop next week– Morgan takes the issue of illegal telemarketing head on. Although he takes issue with the spat of abusive lawsuits out there that are targeting small dispensaries under the TCPA in shake down fashion, he acknowledges that the industry has a ways to go in terms of education and, ultimately, compliance.

Whether its confusion as to whether federal telemarketing rules even apply to dispensaries–they do–or whether marketing vendors are solely responsible to comply with applicable law–they aren’t–there are a number of misconceptions out there that lead to these first-time entrepreneurs getting caught up in expensive TCPA litigation.

During the interview we break down some high level tips and tricks industry participants can use to stay out of trouble, and provide resources for additional guidance. Plus you’ll hear TCPAWorld agree to team up with the NCIA to provide critical educational content in future trade show appearances. (We’re here to serve!)

Whether you’re a cannabis industry participant, a telecom wonk, or just a guy/gal that likes to make use of your state’s generous recreation usage laws, you won’t want to miss this amazing interview on our (4)20th edition of the Unprecedented podcast. 🙂

Keep an eye out for it next week.

Until then, Happy Weekend TCPAWORLD!


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