OH MAN IS THIS SWEET!– The 2020 TCPA Year End Review is Revved Up and Better than Ever

So just got the “final final” back from the design team and Holy Smokes is the Squire Patton Boggs 2020 TCPA Year End Review, Presented by Drips definitely the best one of these I have ever put together.

Those of you who have asked for this–so many–I will be sending electronic copies in the next day or two with print copies to follow to those who give me addresses 🙂

But check out some of these TCPA views

What? A circuit by circuit breakdown of ATDS cases?

And graphics? Neat.

Arbitration clause enforceability and venue are important issues. You need to know about that.

You know I was going to have a big “personal liability” section–lots of cases there.

Oh, there’s a “Best Case of the Year” tease. I wonder what the worst case was?

And there is so so much more in here. I cover 62 TCPA topics total. 62 topics! Eesh. You have got to get your hands on this thing while you can–I may start charging for it next year.

Just kidding. Probably 🙂

BTW– super excited to get back on the road this year and start speaking on the lecture circuit. Will start confirming dates soon. Stay tuned.




  1. Eric. First, thanks for all you and your team members do on the TCPA front. I read most every day. I am in house counsel for a $7.5B credit union and regularly advise on TCPA issues. Second, I cannot figure how to let you know I would love to get my hands on your year end review. Please advise and accept my apologies for not figuring this out…maybe this writing to you is what you meant by “asking you” for a copy. Silly me thought the subscription was the ticket! Have a good day and thanks again for all you do. Forrest Troutman (no relation, but I would be proud if there were!).

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