P2P In Jeopardy?: Webinar Set Next Week to Discuss 10DLC Registration Requirements and the Future of Text Platforms

I know you’re all looking forward to the huge “master class” tomorrow–I’ll have slides to you soon Kingmaker, I promise!–but I wanted to provide a link to the webinar the Baron and I are doing on the 16th.as well since some folks were asking.

We’re teaming up with movement labs on this one.

Here’s the synopsis (BTW–the Baron and I are not making any sort of political statement by teaming up with these folks– we certainly welcome attendance by telecom wonks and impacted parties of all political stripes):

WEBINAR: 10DLC – What’s Next for P2P Text?

We invite members of the progressive civic ecosystem to share questions and plans around 10DLC implementation. Join TCPA “Czar” and “Baron,” lawyers Eric Troutman and Paul Besozzi in an informal and informative Q & A session exploring what we know and don’t know about the future of political P2P texting. We’ll cover potential action coming from the courts, Congress, the FCC, and wireless carriers. Then guests will be invited to ask questions and prompted to share any plans they have to prepare for the 10DLC roll-out. This event is organized by Movement Labs in partnership with Democracy Partners.


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