Real Quick: ANOTHER (4th!) TCPA Suit Was Just Filed Against Republicans and I’m Starting to Wonder What’s Up

As we’ve been tracking–in posts that have received a ton of traffic for some reason– there have been three big TCPA suits filed against right-leaning political groups over the last week related to campaign text messages.

Well, now we can make it four.

In a new suit filed in federal court in Texas today a consumer named Savannah Berger claims that the RNC–the Republican National Committee– peppered her with unwanted robotexts although her number is on the DNC.

She seeks unspecified damages under two sections of the TCPA. The complaint is here: Berger complaint

There appears to be a lot of interest in these suits given the strong engagement from TCPAWorld to these posts so I’ll keep advising as they’re being filed.

It is unclear whether these lawsuits are stemming out of P2P messaging or not. We’ll keep monitoring that angle as well. And if you’re in the political texting space– do NOT miss our big presentation on 10DLC and the TCPA landscape impacting P2p next week!



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