Political TCPA Suits Continue to Pour In: Latest TCPA Suit Targets Trump Make America Great Again PAC and “Save America”

Well I just got done with the Master Class–man was that a blast, the Kingmaker and Queenie are brilliant— and now I have to quickly report on the latest TCPA suit targeting right-leaning political texts.

The latest suit, filed by consumer Anareli Flores and available here: Flores complaintalleges that PACs supporting Trump blasted her with unwanted robotexts although her number was on the national DNC list. The suit–filed in federal court in Caliornia–seeks unspecified damages from, inter alia, Save America and Donald J. Trump for President.

This is the third TCPA filing in a week targeting right-leaning political messages. The first, filed in PA also alleged robotext violations and the second, filed in TX, complained that texts continued even after a STOP request was sent.

As I’ve noted previously, these types of TCPA suits are common following the political season and we expect to see similar filings against campaigns on both sides of the aisle.

We’ll keep an eye on it.





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