NOT ANOTHER WEBINAR: But.. Yeah Another Big TCPA Webinar

*keeps hearing people are tired of webinars.*


*agrees to do webinars on back-to-back weeks.*

Ok look, I know I just a webinar yesterday, but that won’t stop me from doing another one next week apparently.

For those who missed it, Elliot Golding (Squire’s Privacy Ace) and I helped keep the lead gen world safe yesterday with a great discussion with Rob Seaver of LeadsCouncil. We discussed all the big privacy traps (data breach anyone?) stemming from the world’s rush-to-remote March.

But next week, we’re going to get a little more block and tackle breaking down the recent TCPA developments in my patented cut-to-the-chase manner. I’ll be joining and its wide-ranging audience to discuss contact center compliance (ahem) in the new COVID-19 era.

Here’s the abstract:

The (TCPA) world is on fire anew. After a brief respite, class action filings are increasing, FTC and FCC actions are increasing and the case law—particularly around ATDS—is suddenly moving in a powerfully unfavorable direction. Add in the massive changes caused by the speed-to-remote environment imposed by the COVID PLAGUE, and we have a perfect recipe for data breaches, fraudulent leads, and hyper-sensitive regulators shutting down marketing and collection calls across the nation.

Also fueling this fire are the wireless and VoIP providers that are blocking legitimate calls and falsely labeling customer contacts as scam likely. Learn how to identify how your call reputation scores and what you can do to minimize this happening.

You can’t miss the Czar’s breakdown of all these fast-moving changes. He’ll explain what really matters, and what’s just noise so YOUR business can ride out the regulatory storm.

I’d say this is pretty on point.

The webinar is on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 10 am pacific. Tune in so you don’t miss out. Its free and it will be entertaining and you’ll learn a bunch.

Oh yeah, and data analyst expert all-star Peggy Daley of  Berkeley Research Group, LLC will be joining too.




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