BREAKING: TCPA Class Action Attorney Anthony Paronich Joins Unprecedented Podcast

Well Unprecedented is roaring along(in video!). We’ll be releasing episode 14 shortly featuring University of Baltimore Constitutional Law professor garret Epps breaking down the big SCOTUS ruling.

But hot on the heels of that big interview we just wrapped our HUGE interview with TCPA class lawyer Anthony Paronich. If you ever wanted to know why Anthony takes the cases he does or pursues lead buyers with uncharacteristic fervor you’re going to want to tune in.


Anthony Paronich

In the interview he explains:

  • What sorts of things lead buyers should be looking out for to avoid class litigation;
  • What he thinks of Jornaya and Active Prospect forms;
  • How he plans to certify class actions on “fake lead” theories;
  • The key components of a consent disclosure that he thinks are most often suspect;
  • When he’ll sue company officers individually; and
  • When he thinks a company should be held vicariously liable for the actions of a lead-aggregator– even if the contract says they’re just an independent contractor.

This was a lengthy and informative interview and Anthony was direct and transparent about his business model and a number of his primary strategies in these suits. If you buy or sell leads or make telemarketing calls Unprecedented Episode 15 is a much watch.

We’ll be dropping it in the next 7-10 days. Stay tuned!


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