HERE IT IS: That HUGE TCPA Webinar Breaking Down the Supreme Court Ruling in Barr v AAPC EVERYONE is Talking About

Well the big Supreme Court ruling came out yesterday and we already covered it with a huge webinar out today because.. that’s how we roll.

Thanks to everyone who watched the big show live today– over 1,000 registrants. Always good to see. Tons of interest. Lots of feedback on this one. Love the engagement folks.

For those of you that couldn’t get in to the sold out show, we have it here for you. Click the picture below to view the webinar:


You’ll notice that Tav Gomez– Head of Morgan & Morgan’s Consumer Protection Department–was kind enough to join me on the webinar. Having the Plaintiff’s bar’s view of the big ruling in Barr is critical and I’m grateful he could join us. The guy is sharp and always agreeable, even as he disagrees.

Also yesterday, of course, I set off a firestorm with my piece decrying Barr v AAPC‘s conversion of the First Amendment from a tool that protects speech into a tool that does nothing more than evens out speechits now an ironing board folks. Tremendous feedback on that article as well. A lot of energy around it. Well, in this webinar we break down exactly how SCOTUS accomplishes this sleight of hand (hint: it involves elevating language from an old dissent by Justice Scalia into binding precedent) and why July 6, 2020 was the worst day for free speech in this country in over 70 years.

We also, of course, discuss the impact of the ruling on the TCPA and discuss the trends and arguments that are coming next–including the Facebook TCPA cert quest–all while pausing to answer YOUR questions live.

It was a ton of fun. Thanks as always to the folks at Center Compliance and their sponsors for giving us a great platform and helping us put on a great show.

And stay tuned to as our coverage of the big ruling rolls along. We’ll have more analysis for you tomorrow PLUS a MASSIVE new Unprecedented episode with the TCPAWorld team breaking the decision down from all angles dropping soon.

Its good to be the Czar.



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